Self-Charging Hybrids

Lexus Self Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Lexus Self Charging Hybrid electric vehicles are assisting in the transition to a cleaner future. Self Charging Hybrid Electric vehicles are dramatically reducing C02 emissions and improving your fuel efficiency. They include regenerative breaking, battery recycling and electric mode designed for city driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Do I have to plug in my hybrid electric to charge it?

No plug in is necessary, the battery supply recharges as you drive.

How far can I travel on strictly vehicle mode?

That is dependent on a few factors including the level of battery charge, driving conditions and how heavy the vehicle is loaded.

How do self charging hybrid electric vehicles work?

In Lexus self charging hybrid electric vehicles, a power control unit monitors driving conditions, and selects the best power source. Any excess energy is sent to the battery for charging, ad does the regenerative breaking system. While you are driving strictly electric vehicle mode, almost no emissions are generated by your vehicle.