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Our Tire or Parts Advisors are always available to help you navigate the tool, or advise on all of your tire options. Call our advisors directly at 1-888-608-6005 or email parts@lexusoflondon.com  for all your tire solutions. We invite you to utilize this tool, as well as our parts advisors  to locate your Winter Tires.  Fortunately, the people who know your Lexus best are also experts at helping you choose brand name winter tires that fit your vehicle and your budget.  You may have some options on sizes if you choose to purchase steel wheels (what we recommend).  


This is important to note, as we may have the ability to save you money! When is it time to switch over to winter tires?  When the temperature dips below 7 degrees, your all-season tires can start slipping and skidding even when the roads are dry. With their softer rubber compounds and more aggressive treads, winter tires not only shed snow better, they also maintain their grip on cold dry roads. All of our products are value priced, designed to properly fit your particular vehicle, and are all factory quality. Please see our Parts Specials for more details.